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Thursday, 14 April 2011 08:27 0 Atashinci(s)

Welcome to my world hohoho...actually i want to share with all of you guys about my favourite..i love and very2 love to watch korean drama. it's so fantastic and bombastic story. Those who ever to watch all korean drama anything type story, have ever you say "wow, the hero and heroin so handsome, ow i love to watch kim hyun joong, he so handsome, wow so sweet baby face song hye kyo and so on"...have you say it...ea i know that too..i like to watch while Lee Min Hoo acting. He so handsome you know. At drama personal taste, wow so gorgeous...Love u and saranghaeyo oppa Lee Min Hoo hohoho...My bf also love korean drama haha, that's y i love him kekekeke...( not relevance statement hahahah).
love this drama n lee min hoo too..muuuaah kakakaka..(^______^)

Another korean drama i'm really2 love to watch...

tadaaaa...hehehe...ow sweet couple ow kekeke...didn't you look kim hyun joong so handsome??...The title of this drama is PLAYFULL KISS. In this story \Oh hani give her more strategy to make Baek sung jo love her. She never give up and she try and try again until they are married. sweet yoww hahaha...actually baek sung jo so egois in his feeling...for the first he so shock because oh hani love him but he know is not a clever girl but something she want to do and get something, she do her best and use anything around her to get something she want. That just my opinion about her in this story. But she so pretty and sweet right hehehe..

Next movie i want to share is Paradise Kiss..Love this movie so much...who those not watch this movie, u are so rugi hahahahaha....actually this movie based of anime same title but i never watch this anime..but this movie so cool u know.
This is the adaption or based from Japan anime, Paradise's same title with anime..

the real anime Japan, PARADISE KISS.

Paradise Kiss has got to be one of the most beautiful anime's that I've seen in a long time. I felt my heart both break and heal itself all in one sitting. 12 episodes in 5 hours! It was that captivating... That last scene where Yukari opens the storage and finds all the dresses inside is permanently etched in my mind. This type of thing only happens in dreams. I felt myself catch my breath the same time Yukari does. To give away a piece of your soul to someone... it required more than courage and even more than love. It needed a strong belief on what one is passionate about. I don't know why but this scene somewhat brought back to my mind those few times I cried in front of the sewing machine!?! Bringing ideas into physical form is not at all easy. Every time I make a costume for myself, this is what I try to accomplish. Many of my friends who have the same type of obsession can also attest to this. But having your friends and loved ones understand this odd passion can be quite amusing. The list already includes a friend who had to watch me glue hundreds of leaves on a dress (on top of this, my home looked like a jungle at the time with all the foliage) and an ex-lover who was forced to clean my kitchen while I cry hysterically trying to sew a kimono together. Would I ever give away the work of my hands to anyone? I'll have to think twice. Making a costume for someone I like might be a different story though...

George had this opportunity at third grade. At that young age, he had already completed a dress for his best friend, Isabella. I don't recall if it was ever mentioned in the show what Isabella's real name was. Suffice it to say that he was born a man. Not only did George' dressmaking in this scene show skill but it also showed his understanding of the person it was being made for. This episode is something both me and my best friend hold close to our hearts. After all, some of our closest and most beautiful friends are gay men. I'm sure you all know who you are and I hope that you'd be smiling when you read this. But Isabella had worn a dress in every scene. Nobody questioned why because it is the way it is. Acceptance is still something we continually strive for in this real world that we have. I am very grateful that this show had chosen to touch this ever sensitive topic.

Watching Yukari walk down the runway in the dress was pretty amazing... I can't believe that the animator did such a great job that even I felt it's beauty and power across from the TV screen! Perhaps it may also have been the way the whole story was told. There was so much passion and story in every episode that it could only reach this type of momentum. It's pretty ironic though that I finally get myself to sit down and finish this series when I myself have been offered the rare opportunity to hit the runway in approximately 2 months! Watching this episode almost feels so nerve racking that I sort of refuse to believe that I may be in the same situation soon. I've never really labeled myself as beautiful. But I do believe that I can recreate myself as some sort of art. Whether or not I am successful in seducing my audience is up to my performance. Even more daunting is the challenge of how to capture a group of strangers in a mere few seconds. I'm actually really scared just thinking about it. Hopefully I don't talk myself out of it. Wish me luck cause I'm about to seal the deal in exactly 7 days...

Actually i have more to talk but now i'm so tired la kekeke..i want to continue to do my assigmnet now,,,hehehe...i take many time with on9 today hahaha...actually i'm tired to do all my assgmnt..ok guys c u another time....tata...